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Ray Moran is pleased to be a contributing author to the 4th Edition of Financial Valuation Applications and Models, long-used as a professional manual and college textbook. Drawing upon experience working with Big-4 and global valuation firms, my contribution discusses current topics of concern to business valuers, regarding real estate and machinery valuations, whether for US GAAP or IAS, tax reporting, litigation support and cross-border transactions. The textbook is available at

Global Valuation & Consulting Inc. joins the MG Valuation Alliance
We're excited to announce Global Valuation & Consulting, Inc. has joined the MG Valuation alliance. Led by Thomas Spears, President and CEO, the firm specializes in real estate valuations and advisory services, with particular expertise in Latin America and Caribbean resorts, theme parks and properties. We look forward to working with Tom and his team, You can visit their website at:

MG announces dual language brochures in Chinese and Spanish
We're pleased to introduce the first two in a series of dual language brochures, in Chinese and Spanish, describing our capabilities and service offerings.

MG announces dual language brochures in Chinese and Spanish

Vertex Resources in Bogota
Colombia joins the MG Valuation Alliance.

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MG is pleased to have organized and presented at the recent Foreign Investment in Georgia Real Estate seminar in Atlanta. Featuring panelists on brokerage, tax, and experts from regional centers describing the EB 5 immigration investor program, the event drew 90 guests. The program was coordinated with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors, Commercial Real Estate Women, Asian Real Estate Association America and CCIM. You can read about it here:

Ray Moran hosted a panel discussion in New York City for the American Society of Appraisers, on the Indian Business Valuation Profession. Featuring panelists from three Indian valuation firms, the program addressed the 20% plus CAGR in the industry, fueled by the implementation of IFRS in India, and cross-border valuations in the US for financial and tax reporting purposes. The seminar’s origin is an interview published for the International Institute of Business Valuers (iiBV):

Minnesota Association of Business Valuation Professionals
Speaking at the 26th Minnesota Association of Business Valuation Professionals Conference.