Ray Moran

Ray Moran

CEO, MG Valuation
Ray Moran has 34 years experience with International valuation firms. He lived and worked in China, was CEO of a valuation business in Japan, and helped start an operation in Singapore. Prior positions include Senior Vice President with American Appraisal, and Manager with PwC.

He is an ASA and MRICS designated valuer, has a Bachelor’s degree with emphasis in Valuation Sciences from Hofstra University, a degree program sponsored by the ASA, serves on the Board of the International Institute of Business Valuers, (iiBV) and frequent speaker and author on valuation topics worldwide.
Bruce Kellogg

Bruce Kellogg

Managing Director, MG Valuation
Bruce Kellogg is responsible for client relations and business development. Bruce is current Chair of the Valuation Professional Group of RICS Americas, Past President of The Appraisal Institute, and formerly held Leadership positions with Cushman & Wakefield, CBRE and ARGUS. He assists clients by utilizing the MG Valuation network worldwide.
Ryan Kinahan

Ryan Kinahan, ASA

Managing Director: Fixed Assets, RK Valuation Advisory LLC
Ryan has over 10 years’ experience valuing assets in over 35 countries and 45 U.S. States for financial and tax reporting, financing, restructuring and litigation support. Prior to forming RK Valuation Advisory, he was with Hymans Asset Management in Perth, Australia, and Duff & Phelps in New York City. He's a Senior Member of the American Society of Appraisers, member of the ASA Machinery & Technical Services Committee, and has spoken on valuing assets at several organizations in the Mid-Atlantic region.
Tom Spears

Tom Spears, ASA, MRICS

President and CEO of Global Valuation & Consulting, Inc.
Tom specializes in resorts, hospitality, theme parks and special purpose properties in the Caribbean, Latin America and the US. Global Valuation has been serving clients in these regions for 20 years.
Andrew Pike

Andrew Pike, CFA, ASA, RV

Managing Director, AN Valuation Services in The Hague
Andrew Pike brings over 20 years of valuation experience, and 13 years working in the Dutch business environment, to the MG Valuation alliance. Throughout his career, Andrew has assisted clients in financial and tax reporting, intangible asset, equity and derivatives valuations, Dutch fiscal valuations, and WOZ bedrijfswaarde.. Prior to forming AN Valuations, Andrew was a Director with Duff & Phelps in Amsterdam, and a Senior Manager with Deloitte and TMF. He is also Vice President, European Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.
Ed Belanger

Ed Belanger, CFA, ASA

President, Belanger Valuation
Ed Belanger, CFA, ASA, is President of Belanger Valuation, based in Dallas, Texas, a business and intangible asset valuation firm, and a member of the MG Valuation alliance. Ed provides valuations for financial reporting, corporate tax and transactional purposes; he has served a range of clients from lower middle market private companies to the largest Fortune 500 companies, and in a wide range of industries. Ed has 22 years of experience as a business and intangible asset valuation specialist.
Pieter Zijlmans

Pieter Zijlmans, MRICS

Founding Partner, AppraisAll in Amsterdam
Pieter Zijlmans, MRICS, has been providing valuation consultancy services to clients throughout Europe regarding tangible assets. Pieter’s previous positions were as a Vice President with Marsh’s Valuation Services, Vice President with Duff & Phelps. Pieter has a Master of Science, Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering, from Delft University of Technology.
Camilo Rafael Torres Navarro

Camilo Rafael Torres Navarro

President, VERTEX Resources
Rafael Torres is President of VERTEX Resources, a consulting firm based in Bogota, Colombia, specializing in transaction consulting, asset and business valuations. His valuation services combines more than 15 years of experience, including transaction consulting and strategic planning. Rafael graduated as an Industrial Engineer from the University of Los Andes, and is an accredited member of the American Society of Appraisers. Prior to founding Vertex, he was President of Xerox Colombia, and Managing Director of the journal El Tiempo in Colombia.
William W. L. Poon

William W. L. Poon

Real Estate Valuation, MG Valuation
William W. L. Poon has been involved in the valuation of different types of real estate including land, commercial, industrial and residential properties in China, Hong Kong and the Asia Pacific region. He also assists in business development activities throughout the Asia/Pacific region, marketing multi-disciplined valuation projects. William has a Master of Project Management degree from Queensland University of Technology, and a Bachelor of Business from the University of Queensland.
Scott Kellenberger

Scott Kellenberger

President, Kellenberger Valuation Group, LLC
Scott Kellenberger, based in Milwaukee, specializes in hospitality, gaming, healthcare, right-of-way analysis, litigation support, and commercial and manufacturing real estate. Scott has worked throughout North America, Europe and the Caribbean. He performs cost segregation and reserve studies for MG Valuation, on new and recently acquired property. He is a past President of the Milwaukee Chapter of the American Society of Appraisers.
Ed Litolff

Ed Litolff

Managing Director, Frisco Valuation Group
Ed Litolff is an MAI, CCIM in real estate. He specializes in hospitality and golf courses, investment grade real estate as well as Ad Valorem and complex litigation support services. Based in Dallas, Texas, Ed also has extensive experience in cross-border valuations. He has served as an instructor for the Appraisal Institute.
Greg Eidson

Greg Eidson

CEO, Eidson Company LLC
Greg Eidson is an MAI, CCIM in real estate based in Atlanta, Georgia, and specializes in providing appraisals for commercial lending, tax appeals, estate planning, valuation of partial interests, conservation easements. Specialty services include litigation support right of way valuation and market analysis consulting.